Play test and experience gain

Play test

This week I had a small first play test where a friend of mine tested the game. This resulted in a lot of things that I haven’t thought about before. I also did a longer test of the game my self to see what’s fun and what’s not. The game is far from done, but now it start to be a little little bit of fun. I will have more play tests later on for those how wants to be a tester šŸ™‚ But I will take it gradually.
I want the player to explore the map more and not just build a bigger and bigger base to defend against the monsters which is the case now. To achieve this I will try other similar games this weekend to figure out how I can manage this.

Present info to the user

To be able to see some more info about the building you are about to build I added a hover info box. Here it shows how much will costs and how much energy it will consume or produce once built. Some more info will be added later so that the player get a graspĀ of what the building actually does. To achieve this you can either have text that describes it or graphics that is familiar for the user so no explanation is needed.


Stuff that I have learned.

I have realized that this game is more a learning thing for me as a new game developer than it’s my dream game that I want to release. Don’t get me wrong, I think that the game will be good and fun and be released this summer. But the planning and development of my next game will very different from this since I learned so much.
For example I will prototype a lot more next time. Probably do ~10 prototypes of completely different games before I choose which one to make. Then start playing similar existing games to get a graspĀ of what mechanic you can use and get other ideas.

I’m also looking for some consultant work on the side to be able to financeĀ my self. So if you are in need of a programmer, send me a mail at christoffer[at]