The button update

Now your are able to sell and repair your buildings with the brand new buttons sell and repair 🙂 Also both the repair and upgrade button is only visible when usable. For example: If the building has full health the repair buttons is not visible.
As of before, the actual design of the buttons will be added later, but now the actual logic is implemented.


There is a investment meeting next week which I will not participate in, but I have been working on a pitch anyway with all the others here at the incubator. It have been a very good thing to practice since I haven’t really done anything like it before. So now I have a ~1min pitch for my company and what I aim for in future.

I still hasn’t decided what direction the game will take, but I really need to decide that really soon. So a deadline for my self is set to wednesday next week. At that time I will know how and what needs to be done to be able to finish the game.

Tonight we are going to have a good old lan-party here at the office with pizza and multiplayer games. But unfortunately I feel a little bit under the weather right now, maybe starting to get sick. :/ But hopefully it’s just the after food coma. So I still can play games like xonotic or Dota 2 tonight. ps. both those games are free and xonotic is even open source.