The planning week.

This week was more of a decide-what-the-game-will-be-about-week. I played some simular games like Starcraft 2, WarCraft 3, Age of Empires and Kingdom rush to get some ideas, I also got some really good idéas from my thread on reddit.

I don’t want to spoil everything that I came up with. I guess it’s more fun if I post the features when they are working and can be shown instead of just listing them here as text.
But one of the main thing will be a Wall-E like robot that can help the player to discover the world since I want the player to explore the world instead of just build a bigger base with better defense. But i guess that the name Wall-E is tradmarked so I call him/her/it Waldemar instead.

Since there is no new stuff to show in graphical form I recorded a little clip where I spawn a lot of monsters. Enjoy