Say hello to Sigrid

Sigrid the explorer

Sigrid is the first controllable unit in the game. But Sigrid is still young and can’t do anything in particular yet, except exploring. But later on she will have some features like battery power, better textures and be able to take damage. Right now she’s invincible. 🙂


Sigrid always finds a way and she might even discover a new mine hole (which are not visible anymore)

The graph

The sum of all the power plants production is now shown in a graph. The graph is very conceptual for the moment, so don’t mind the graphic. 🙂 But now the player will get a good overlook of the current power production and how much of it is in use. The total power production is indicated by the height and the green of how much power is available but not consumed and the red is how much of the power is consumed.


Refactor – Programming stuff

I refactored some of the code as well. So now I have methods that will be called on build complete, on remove, etc. This is something that needs to be done several times during the software development process. The end user won’t see anything, but the developer will have a better understanding and overview of the code. Things that you didn’t think of in the first place might change the structure of code. Most of the time you can solve these issues without a refactor of the code, but if you break your code structure too many times the code will be very fragile and weird bugs will arise and even the smallest change can become very time consuming.