Shaders and other stuff

You can’t build in the dark and to visualize this in a more logical way, I made a green and red background that shows if the building is allowed to be built on a tile or not. I also added some text to indicate why the player can’t build. The text will be changed later on with a icon or similar. Sorry for the gif quality that blurs the text. :/

I spent wednesday on the graphic since I haven’t really given the graphics any love at all in a long time. My aim was to add animation to the water, a water effect (shaders) and some other stuff. The animation of the water took just an hour or two but the water effect is still not done. I made some progress but this is what it looks like now.


So not that usable 🙂

But the animation of the water looks better which you can see here:


And even if I didn’t finish the water effect, I still have learned a lot about shaders that will come in handy later on. And I might spend some more time on this water effect some other week, but my guts tells me that it will probably take weeks and not hours to fix it properly. But here is a fake version of what effect I want to have. I know one easy way to get this working in the game, but it’s a hack and a bit ugly but I might spend a half a day next week on it to try it out anyways.