Job quit & opening ceremony

Health bar
A health bar has been added to the monsters. I will probably add a health bar to the buildings as well.


Right menu
Been working on the right menu of the game. To be able to build the buildings in the game a button for each building will be present in the menu to the right of the map. This have been taking a lot more time than I first thought, so I do not have any screenshots to show yet :/

Opening ceremony
My workplace, a.k.a The Game Incubator Göteborg had the opening ceremony this Wednesday and the party was a fact 🙂 Met a lot of interesting people and game companies. which I both get inspired from and maybe collaborate with later on. Right now there are ~17 persons working here with games or game related stuff and there will be some more soon.

My old workplace
Last week I wrote that I will go back to my old work at the 1th of mars, but that’s no longer the truth. I did quit my job this Monday, so now it’s game development all the way. Or at least half the time due to that I need some sort of income at least until my game release. So if you have any coding that needs to be done, just send an email. Have 6+ years of professional experience with programming. I will translate my Linked in profile to English later today.

Here is a snowy picture I took yesterday from my balcony. 🙂