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Say hello to Hindelid Development AB

Week 47 of game development

Say hello to Hindelid Development AB which now officially is the company name. Yey!

The textures of the pipes are now changed and they also adapt to the nearby pipes/structures so theirs connections look correct. Don’t know if this will be the final texture of the pipes or if I will use regular power lines instead!?


Every structure in the game needs material to be built. Therefore mines are added that can mine X material per second and this will consume electricity, as everything else in the game.
So to conclude, the resourses of the game is electicity and material.

Now, the monsters that attack are not visible in the dark nor the in fog of war (the semi dark) anymore. The cannons can’t attack them if they are not visible. So the lamps has to be there and powered.
Note! The placeholder graphic (the giraff) is not representative as the final monster ūüôā

Also yesterday Thursday and today Friday, I visited Gothenburg Games and made some new contacts with nebirvi and Sky Goblin, whom I will be sitting next to in a few weeks.  They both do game development.

Words that you might not understand:

* Texture is the graphic of something. Like the actual picture that you use represent the monster or the tile, etc. The monster has a lot of code that defines it’s behavior but the picture part is often called the texture.
* Fog of war is a part of the map that you have discovered before but is not lit up for the moment and are therefore grayed out.
* Placeholder graphics is a texture (see above) that you use just to have something to work with and will later be changed with the real texture.