Gamedev first week of 2016

It’s been I while since I last updated the blog. But now Christmas and New Year’s Eve is over so it’s time for an update of my gamedev blog again.

Each building need electricity to work. Like the lamp needs to be connected to a power plant somehow, otherwise it won’t light up the ground around. Before you needed to build a pipe between each building to connect them. But since last time I┬áhave experimented a bit with a radius of each building that connects the electricity over the air. So that you don’t have to connect every building side by side with pipes.

A circle is shown of how big of an area the building will connect to. A line is also shown to which building it will connect to if built. The line and circle will of course look a lot nicer in the end product.


I have also added a bar that shows the build progress of a building. The color scheme will be changed later on, this is just a first draft. Will add similar bar to show the health of the building next week.


There are still a lot to be done until it’s finished, but now it start to look more and more like a real game which is nice.